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2024 Organa Heads Ups


The world of work is changing, with the traditional office landscape presenting challenges and opportunities for how we work. This article delves into key predictions for the year ahead. It explores strategies to navigate these changes effectively, from reorganising around value to prioritising strategic projects and investing in continuous learning and upskilling initiatives.

The Organa Heads Up outlines what we think will shape the way we work this year, and we’ll make predictions for opportunities and challenges heading your way. Heads Up contains insights to look out for if you’re planning on scaling, experiencing team inefficiencies or turnover, noticing innovation is stalling, or trying to embed a new organisational structure. 

Five things to look out for in 2024

1. Companies reorganising around value: Teams need a reset

Companies will need to rethink how they're organised, emphasising what matters more. Instead of just following the usual hierarchy, they'll need to focus on team design with value or speed to market at its heart. This means they must organise teams and resources to work together better. To get off to a good start, teams must work together right from the beginning.

2. Doing more with less: Working smarter, not harder 

Businesses know they need to stay competitive, even when things are tough and uncertain, and they’ll look for ways to be more efficient and get more done with less. Using methods like lean principles and Kanban to make their processes smoother and waste less time, and by using resources better and managing work smarter, companies can stay flexible and adapt to any changes that come their way.

3. Prioritising the most important work: Making tough choices 

There are a lot of projects going on everywhere we look, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Companies need to be picky about their focus, placing their time and effort into the projects that matter for their business goals. This means they'll have to be disciplined and say no to projects that aren't as important.

4. Planning ahead for busy times: Making sure there's enough room 

With sizable efforts focused on efficiency, companies will still be stretched thin. That's where capacity planning comes in. By looking ahead and figuring out what capacity they have to allocate to important work and anticipating where they might also run into problems, companies can avoid getting stuck later on. They'll need to improve using data and predictions to manage their resources and ensure they can keep things running smoothly.

5. Learning and growing: Investing in people 

With changes being one of our only constants, it's more important than ever for people to keep learning, growing and skilling up. Companies will invest in their employees, ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed. They'll offer training programs and support to help people keep up with all the job changes.


As we go into 2024, a lot of change is happening at work. By focusing on what matters, being smart about how we work, and investing in our people, we can ensure we're ready for whatever comes our way. It won't always be easy, but we can thrive in this ever-changing world with the right attitude and approach.

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