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We're here to help you upgrade your organisation's operating model, ensuring it's ready for rapid change. We also focus on upgrading people's mindsets, equipping leaders and teams to confidently acquire modern skills to navigate complex work, all with the aim of fostering sustainable value delivery and long-term effectiveness.

Some of the organisations we've worked with:
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How can we help?

If you want to think like a start-up and act like a start-up then it's time to rip up the old business rule book and upgrade your business 'operating system'. Organa has expertise in the following areas.

6 ways we modernise business minds.

1. Leadership development

In an increasingly uncertain world, we help develop the adaptive skills need to respond to rapidly changing marketplaces and competitive threats.

2. Strategy activation

Connect strategy to execution ensuring the work is well planned, aligned to crisp goals and metrics, and is regularly reviewed to maintain a clear sense of purpose and direction.

3. Team dynamics

We help you create healthy and high performing teams in your business to innovate, be productive, have fun and deliver products that customers love.

4. Product management

From discovery to product strategy, from individuals to organisations, we've got superpowers to share with you, your product folks or leaders.

5. Organisational agility

We help you break the shackles of processes and structures holding your business back. Immerse your teams in modern practices to deliver value faster.

6. Group facilitation

Our skilled facilitators merge the art and science of how people gather to spark better communication, decision-making and creative problem-solving.

About Us

Don’t hire consultants.
Engage experts.

Organa is here to change the world, one business at a time - starting with our own. We’re building the business we dreamed of when stuck in hierarchical organisations. Our experts understand the world of business inside-out, so looking at things from a fresh perspective comes naturally to us.

The way we think

Glimpse at the way our minds work to modernise yours.

Organisations are organisms

Think of business as a living thing, like a forest. Mindset lies deep in the roots. People are seeds. Products are animals, roaming freely.

Empower everyone

People equipped with autonomy, mastery and purpose can achieve new levels of personal fulfilment that naturally flow into business productivity. This is modern or agile leadership.

Get aligned on purpose

Purpose drives business with intent and clear direction. When people are aligned around a clear purpose, your business gains new leverage.

Outcomes over outputs

Product management is about outcomes. Don’t just make things, make things happen. Focus on change and impact over raw productivity. Plan for the user, not the journey.

Small teams sort big problems

In this age, scale matters more than size. We love it when a traditional business throws out its rule book and gives power to its people.

Upgrade your ‘OS’

The most powerful capability in a business is its mindset. Some are still running the old operating system. New thinking disrupts the disrupters.

Don’t buy silver bullets

They might stop a werewolf, but they won’t restart your business. There’s no quick, easy fix to change. Don’t believe any agile consultants that tell you otherwise.

Hire experts not consultants

We don’t believe in long workshop sessions, lengthy proposals, proprietary tools and other extractive methods typical with consultants. We give you what you need fast & straight.

Put us out of a job

We encourage businesses to be self-sustaining. Once we’ve co-designed your business so it thinks for itself, drives meaningful outcomes and change, our work is done.

Blog and Resources

Some interesting reads and recommendations from Organa minds


Many thanks to our amazing clients.

“Becoming a product-led organisation”

Brendan has an excellent depth and breadth in the areas of product management, facilitation and coaching. I would recommend Brendan to anyone who is looking to  make steps to becoming a product-led organisation!

Aydin Atakan
Managing Consultant, IBM

“Lean approach to product-market validation”

What we got from Product Space (now Organa) was succinct, straight-to-the-point and easy to understand, just what we wanted. We'll work with them again for sure.

Matt Tett
Founder & CEO, Enex Testlab


Darryl Wright you are a Zen Master! Your knowledge and approach to training is out of this world. Very few trainers impress me the way you do.

Jyoti Dandona
Incremental Learning & Consulting

“Brendan made me a better leader”

I've found Brendan to be incredibly knowledgeable on our products, their users, and the markets they move in. He is farsighted, even visionary, always on the lookout for strategic opportunities, and able to condense complex information into easily digestible form.

Antonio Merker
Engineer Manager, Spotify

“Superpowers in product manager coaching”

I cannot speak highly enough of Organa (formerly Product Space) for any Product Manager who doesn’t want to settle for being anything less than a “great” PM. I look forward to working with these two amazing women very soon

Libby Graham
Product Manager (ex The Yield)

“Navigated the ups and downs of our startup”

Once I had the pleasure to work with Brendon, his empathy, transparency and big heart really helped us navigate the ups and downs of running a startup and I was impressed with how he never lost sight of the individual within a group.

Elise Lilliehöök
Deputy CEO, 29k

“Hiring product talent”

We added product capability to our business and Organa (né Product Space) helped by bringing product and agile thinking to the design of a new role, and the interview process itself. Their guidance was spot on and we really enjoyed how easy they were to work with.

Carlie Newbold
Global Team Experience Manager, Kegstar

“Blown away”

I had the privilege of attending the SAFe POPM class with trainer Darryl Wright. I was simply blown away by his depth of knowledge on the subject. He exhibits that rare combination of being academically sound and having practical experience.

Has Razwi
Regional Custodian at Schuitema Group

“Clarity in direction”

When issues arose I could depend on Sandy to provide advice, help the wider team marshal resources and engage with external parties to reach a consensus resolution. I was also very impressed with the direction & strategy she provided in terms of the overall requirements.

Claude Brown
Head of IT, Gigacomm

“Trusted product management partner”

Sandra knows product management intimately so she hit the ground running and developed everything we needed without fuss and with exceptional strategic insight.

Melissa Firth
Ex Chief Product Officer, Te Papa Museum

“Sharing the wins is her sweetspot”

Sandy is an extremely energetic, passionate and hard working executive, with a fantastic network within our industry. I greatly respect her openness and pragmatic approach and willingness to look for win-wins between companies.

Matt Kossatz
SVP Asia Pacific,
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