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March 15, 2019

Clarify what's needed for high performing product teams

Produce a suite of implementable opportunities to enable an organisation's desire to support and sustain high performing product teams.

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Leadership support

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The challenge

Service Victoria wanted to ensure their products and services were created with excellence and best-practice in User-Centered Design and Product Management discipline and application. 

They asked us to provide their Leadership Team with a independent product lens and perspective on whether the organisation had the right people, skills, experience and tools to deliver its current and future program of work, and what to do next to achieve a scalable and sustainable organisational model.

The turnaround

Using interviews and observation techniques, we formed a suite of insights and considerations covering product, people and organisational capability. Theming these, we applied Agile best-practice and a product lens to identify opportunities for the business. We prioritised the opportunities, socialised and validated them with senior execs and staff and iterated into a suite of opportunities, recommendations and next steps for a 12 month period focused around:

  • The experience and skill vacuum between executives and the organisation
  • Enabling a scalable demand focused product pipeline
  • Building the "right thing" by focusing on discovery and product operations
  • Building the "thing right" by focusing on development and delivery
  • Creating a lean, best practice and repeatable Playbook for staff and Agencies to enable scale and embed reputation
  • Strategy, leadership principles, values, goals and measures of success to enable a learning culture.

Project results

We helped them answer … “as an organisation, what do we need in place, to support and sustain high performance product teams?”

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