Libby Graham - The Yield
February 20, 2019

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The challenge

Meet Libby. Libby was transitioning from her role as a Business Analyst in an AgTech startup to become the company’s first Product Manager, and she asked for coaching. 

Her vision is to become a Chief Product Officer. She had the right capabilities and importantly, the right human attributes, to become a successful Product Manager but she:

  • Lacked confidence in herself, and
  • Was struggling to reposition her internal reputation from BA to strategic Product Manager; owner of the product north star, the product strategy and the product backlog.

The turnaround

We started with assessing Libby's capabilities including the essential human attributes required of great Product Managers. Together we worked up a coaching plan and mapped what success looked like for her. 

Almost as soon as our coaching started, Libby identified a significant opportunity for the business but one that would require a fundamental product pivot. Responding to change, we moved from coaching in the holistic discipline of product management to strategic product pivot and pitch. 

Libby knew the pivot was the “right thing to do” but was unsure of how to go about collecting, synthesising, presenting and arguing the evidence. We coached her in how to define and articulate a new product strategy, the evidence needed for the pivot, including detailed financials and market sizing, and how to pitch succinctly by turning it into a compelling story with a strong commercial narrative. 

Libby was successful! The company pivoted and is heading towards success in a different market segment.

Libby has since left The Yield and continues her journey as a Senior Product Manager at BuildKite. 

Project results

  • Successful company pivot
  • Libby headhunted into new Product Manager role
  • Libby takes us into new companies she works with

“These people know product management”

I cannot speak highly enough of Organa for any Product Manager who doesn’t want to settle for being anything less than being a “great” PM.”

Libby Graham

Former Product Manager, The Yield, now Senior Product Manager, BuildKite
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