February 10, 2020

Implementing Lean Portfolio Management

Create visibility of all the work being done in order prioritise the work that should be done.

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The challenge

Within ANZ, the Transformation Domain was responsible for leading the Agile transformation of the Technology Division. It was also the second Division responsible for the driving the Agile transformation of the entire organisation.   There was little to no Tribe or stakeholder visibility of work coming into the Domain, nor of how work that was currently in progress aligned to the strategy and this led to: 

  • Investment of time and money without understanding of the value
  • Frustration and friction between the leadership team
  • Confusion and unclear prioritisation of work.

The turnaround

We started by delivering training in Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) and then implemented an LPM function, including:

  • Introducing a Portfolio Kanban so all work became visible
  • Introducing a Front Door / Funnel and sharing this with the stakeholders so they could bring ideas through for review
  • Moving to Lean Business Cases, Benefit Hypotheses and MVP's to create a test and learn approach to investment funding
  • Revitalising the Portfolio Sync so that the leadership team could transparently assess and discuss progressing work through each stage
  • Establishing a working rhythm through the Portfolio Sync to enable Portfolio Leaderhip team's alignment around the Kanban by readying work through to the Feature backlog for PI Planning
  • Creating consistent alignment and prioritisation of Epics & Features so that all work entering the domain could be understood in terms of how it contributed to the overall strategy.

Project results

  • The Domain Lead requested all future work coming into the domain to use the new process
  • Portfolio Leadership team were able to right-size Epics & Features and prioritise them for teams, reducing waste
  • The uber Product Owner (called the TPL) went from extreme frustration to very happy with being able to see the work and make appropriate prioritisation choices
  • Teams reported being more engaged with the work due to increased clarity on the purpose and how it contributed to the strategy.

"It was so rewarding to see the improvements in how the Domain functioned!"

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