Product management

What the dickens does a Product Manager do?

What does a Product Manager actually do? A perennial question, an ongoing discussion, often ending in debate. You can be comforted to know though that we are all driven to create value. For our customers and our organisation.

Product management

Is your team creating the right thing?

You know the story, your team has been beavering away for months on a new product release. Marketing and PR are on board, the execs are excited, the team is pumped… but low and behold it’s a flop. Customers respond negatively (or not at all).

Product management

An open-source, collaborative tool for growing product managers

The Product Management Competency Framework enables PMs and PM teams to assess their skills and have discussions about their growth, relative to their interests and the interests of their organisation.

Product management

The best way to screw a product is to NOT have a product manager at the helm.

The logic and rationale for why all products and services need the focus, wisdom, smarts, experience and support of a dedicated Product Manager or Prod

Product management

Keeping the focus on finding product-market fit

The desire to rush to a solution affects every great Product Manager I've met. But staying vigilant and focused on figuring out if there is a need in the market for the great idea your company has, will save you in spades.

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