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We're not your ordinary Agile consultants. Organa's experts have vast experience coaching Agile teams in the field, by getting our hands dirty in the trenches with teams, leaders and Agile organisations. We're framework agnostic and big believers in the heart of agile.

Whether you're wanting to improve your teams' ability to deliver value early and often through Agile coaching, or you'd like to upskill your staff in Agile leadership, we're fully equipped to find the right approach for your unique circumstances.

We've got years of experience, working inside companies of all sizes to drive meaningful change. Whether we're Agile coaching startups on modern, progressive practices, or lumbering enterprises on large scale Agile transformations, we're certain we've got the expert knowledge and experience to drive change in your organisation.

It was so rewarding to see the improvements in how the Organisation functioned!
- Lean Portfolio Management, ANZ

Discover the Agile Mindset

The Agile mindset is about delivering value early and often with a focus on continous improvement. Our approach to Agile coaching is to enstill this mindset into your Agile organisation through coaching Agile teams and focusing on upskilling Agile leadership. Without addressing the mindset, you're simply beating every nail (problem) with the same hammer (process).

The experts at Organa embody and teach Agile leadership, not because we're selling a process or model, but because we've been there and done it in the organisations we've worked in. If you're curious to learn more about the Agile mindset, why not enquire about Agile leadership training or get more hands on with Agile coaching and drive change that you can see.

An introduction to Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching is about helping Agile organisations, teams and individuals to adopt Agile practices through the lens of an Agile mindset. We utilise a mix of approaches to drive sustainable change, namely:

Helping your individuals and teams learn by thinking for themselves. We do this by asking powerful questions when faced with solving a business problem. We also like to think of Agile coaching as similar to sports coaching, we observe, we provide feedback and gameplans to help your teams win!

Organa are certified instructors from multiple accrediting bodies. We're process agnostic and try to find the right approach for the right problems. When it comes to learning the basics of Agile, we recommend our Agile Fundamentals course.

Our experts have mentored every kind of role within an Agile organisation, from engineers to agile team leaders, scrum masters, Agile Coaches all the way up to Directors, VPs and Execs.

Our team are experts at facilitation. We can facilitate everything from Scrum ceremonies to huge Enterprise-scale big room planning. Your teams will learn by doing and facilitation is a great way to solve problems together in a collaborative way.

Our approach is that we don't believe in being a single point of failure for your teams, we carefully introduce new skills, processes and principles over time to help your teams own their own ways of working, so that we can make ourselves redundant and move on to the next big challenge.

Honing Agile Leadership Skills

We fundamentally believe that delivering value early and often is much more than simply applying an Agile process or Agile coaching a team. Unfortunately, many Agile consultants focus solely on Agile transformation through introduction of process, without addressing the leadership shift necessary to support Agile teams.

Agile Leadership requires a fundamental shift in mindset and behaviour. We teach, coach and mentor Agile leaders in the various behavioural shifts needed to be an effective leader within Agile organisations. Some examples of Agile leadership skills we work with:

  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Agile fundamentals
  • Difficult conversations
  • 1:1 coaching (how to empower people to solve their own problems)
  • Push / Pull skills
  • Influencing skills

Shift mindsets and sharpen skills

Strategy alignment and execution
Agile Leadership
Value delivery
Project to product team transformation
Team resets
Agility at scale
Operating rhythms
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Who have we helped?

Incremental Learning & Consulting
Darryl Wright you are a Zen Master! Your knowledge and approach to training is out of this world. Very few trainers impress me the way you do.
"Navigated the ups and downs of our startup"
Elise Lilliehöök
Deputy CEO, 29k
I had the pleasure to work with Brendan, his empathy, transparency and big heart really helped us navigate the ups and downs of running a startup and I was impressed with how he never lost sight of the individual within a group.

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