Organisational Development

"All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get." - Arthur W. Jones

Organisational Design

The conditions that organisations need to operate in are complex and uncertain, even more so now in a post pandemic world and the pace of technological change. We see signals that there are issues with employee happiness and productivity, staff turnover, competing priorities, ineffective meetings, slow delivery of products and services to market, to products that don't solve needs leading to cranky unfulfilled customers. And we witness the effects of this pain in revenue, market share, employee engagement and customer sat scores, and increasing tickets in customer care centres.

Underneath, what we notice and hear is the approaches we’ve used for decades don’t work so well anymore. Bureaucracy, hierarchy, structures, processes and culture are holding us back. Think about it as the company’s operating system (OS). In serious need of an upgrade.

Organisational design is a catch phrase for inspecting, adapting and continuously improving how the various parts of your organisation work together to deliver your strategy. Your OS is the foundation upon which everything else is built. If the OS isn’t fit for purpose, thriving let alone surviving in such uncertain conditions is impossible.

And your OS comprises systems, processes, structure, leadership and culture. At Organa we’ve tasted and experienced all of it. Through decades of working in disruptive and traditional markets combining tech, agile, product and change, we know your pain. We can identify the symptoms and then help guide the organisation to make lots of the regular  incremental but powerful changes.

Let’s be frank: big bang doesn’t work, sexy decks don’t work, and applying theoretical models doesn't work, so we don’t do any of that. Small, iterative and constant; that’s the way to approach any organisational wide upgrade. 

Why is organisational change important?

Organisational change, organisational design, upgrades, whatever you call it, it’s about looking forward and future planning so the business doesn’t stagnate.

Through consulting, coaching, teaching and facilitating, we help and enable you to meet your organisation’s current needs and set you up for the future of work.

Build your organisation's future, reinvent your organisation orhelp upgrade your organisation

It doesn’t matter where you’re at, as an organisational design and change partner, we help iterate the now and set up for the future so that the organisation can deliver value sooner, faster and safer.

We help with:

  • Creating focus: align purpose, people and strategy, or help them become masters at goal setting and prioritising
  • Organise people and teams to deliver value sooner and safer, get the structures and team design right
  • Creating a positive environment where people thrive, doing their best work in empowered high performing teams
  • Unleash and upskill the collective power of your leaders
  • Lighten processes and operating rhythms, dramatically improve meeting effectivness while balancing the need for governance.

While there are plenty of org design models and we’re framework agnostic, but if you asked us, product-led thinking and agile ways of working is the business agility combo to aim for.

Embedding agile product disciplines

Strategy: focus and prioritisation
Org design
Goal setting, planning
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