Product Management

Organisations exist because of a product or service created for customers. Product management enables customer responsive strategies that deliver value to customers and value to your business. Speed to value or speed to market is how we think about it.

Through trial and tribulation, success and failure, we’ve decades of experience working in almost all sectors and markets across dozens of product types.

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Organa reviewed and developed a plan for the potential commercialisation of one of our internal products. What we got was perfect. We'll work with them again for sure and would highly recommend them. - Matt Tett, Founder and CEO, Enex Testlabs

Introducing product management

At the heart of every organisation lies a product or a service, the unique value you provide to your market. It’s your organisation’s reason for existing.

Product management is the connective discipline and approach for any business. From tech startups to SMEs, to global corporations, product management’s job is to create business and customer value. And it does this by being the glue between a company’s mission, strategy, goals and metrics, and the product roadmap and backlog.

But winning in your product or service category involves research, strategy and planning, discovery, dev, delivery, and teamwork. And deep interaction. With customers, marketing, sales, customer care, senior management and critically, the product team.

In short, know your business, know your market, know your product.

The result are products or services developed for markets that actually exist. Creating and delivering value is faster, so $$ or impact are reached more quickly.

How we help

Through facilitating, consulting, coaching or teaching, here's how we can help you. Take a read or get in touch.

Become product-led

In most tech companies, products sell themselves. There’s more capacity and capability in the product teams than sales or marketing because less effort is needed when the product is designed to sell itself. This is what we mean by being product-led.

Become product-led where the product or service is at the heart of what your organisation does. We help to enable fast flow of value to customers, ensure stakeholders are engaged and your product roadmap is aligned towards your company’s goals and metrics.

People: Product Managers, Product Owners and product teams

Product management is no different to other disciplines. It requires experience and expertise to create great product managers (PMs) or to set up successful product teams.

Improving PM skills means going beyond frameworks and tools, to spend time in the real-world of difficult conversations, navigate complexity and facilitate practical compromises that create focus. Great PMs take mess and uncertainty and create strategic coherence and direction for the products and services you provide.

Try our free product management competency framework, to assess the capabilities of PMs or POs, or anyone interested in transitioning. Use the framework yourself or work with one of our coaches to help with a customised learning and development plan.

I cannot speak highly enough of Organa for any Product Manager who doesn’t want to settle for being anything less than being a great PM.
- Libby Graham, Head of Product, EzyPay

As accredited ICAgile, SAFE trainers, we also create custom inhouse training courses for PO's, PMs scrum masters, business analysts and product teams. Coverage includes principles of product management, strategic product management, product strategy, product discovery and agile product ownership.

Product strategy

Product strategy is the source of truth that connects product execution (the roadmap and backlog) to the company's goals, providing critical guardrails for making effective decisions faster, and ensuring that, at the heart of the product, lies customer value that drives back to  business strategy.

With a coherent product strategy, you can be confident teams are driving towards the measures of success the company wants.

Creating a product strategy is often a challenging task. To make life easier for product folks, try our free, simple MIRO board that guides you through the process of creating an effective product strategy. We can also help you with customised consulting or facilitating.

Product discovery

The highest form of waste, is time spent building something no-one wants. We teach and facilitate discovery processes to help you cheaply validate assumptions about  product ideas, without needing to build a costly feature or product first.

Product processes and practices

We help streamline individual, team and organisational capabilities, practices and processes that are needed to bring value to your business and your customers.

Adding product capability to our business Organa helped by bringing product and agile thinking to the design of a new role, and to the interview process itself. Their guidance was spot on and we really enjoyed how easy they were to work with. - Carlie Newbold, Global Team Experience Manager, Kegstar (Chep Logistics)

We’re also framework agnostic; we don’t mind if the approach is waterfall, scrum or SAFE. Though … if we had our way … we do favour agile ways of working for creating and delivering great products or services :)

Skill up in product management

Product processes and practices
Product strategy
Planning and prioritisation
Product thinking
Product leadership
Project to product transformation
Product team ways of working
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Who have we helped?

"Exceptial strategic insight"
Melissa Firth, former Chief Product Officer
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
"Sandra knows product management intimately so she hit the ground running and developed everything we needed without fuss and with exceptional strategic insight."
"We've been more than delighted with what's been achieved."
Anton Strydom, Chief Technology Officer APNIC
"I quietly knew becoming more product-led would be a good thing but we've been more than delighted with what's been achieved. Our teams are happier, more effective and we've had solid feedback from Members. Organa has deep and sound agile and product experience that we've been able to draw upon. Their depth and breadth means they're highly adaptable as our needs grow and change."

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