Brendan Marsh

Organisation and Product Coach

Built in Australia, fine tuned in Sweden. Passionate about building great products that customers love through modern Product Management practices and supportive organisational structures.

Put people first and results will follow.

I've been working in the tech product space for 12 years and have recently returned to Australia, after six years in Sweden. Five of those I spent with Spotify during their hyper-growth phase, first as an Agile Coach and then as the Product Manager for Spotify’s desktop client.

I've an eclectic mix of skills and experience, having worked as an Agile / Org Coach, Product Manager and Chief Product Officer. I've worked on mature platforms with millions of users (like Spotify for Mac / Windows), blue sky innovation features (like Spotify Running), as well as in the depths of technical infrastructure, with native client architecture and big data.

  • Product Management / Product Ownership
  • Agile and Lean Coaching
  • Product Discovery / Innovation
  • Organisational Design and Culture
  • Leadership Coaching

I'm particularly passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations to accomplish their goals through working with and acknowledging the human side of work. 

Throughout mytime at Spotify, I had the honour of giving talks across Europe about Product Discovery and the Agile Coach role, telling stories through the lens of Spotify’s culture. 

Just prior to joining Organa I worked at a non profit, mental health startup on a mission to bring personal growth to the masses and I joined Organa to bring lessons learned from Sweden to Australia as well wanting to be part of a company that shares the principles and ways of working I've come to love and admire.

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Brendan Marsh


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An open-source, collaborative tool for growing product managers

The Product Management Competency Framework enables PMs and PM teams to assess their skills and have discussions about their growth, relative to their interests and the interests of their organisation.

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