Sandra Davey

Organisational Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

Unleashing people's potential, aligning their work to the company's goals, and helping upgrade the company's operating model. The triple threat needed to thrive in the 21st century. That's what gets me out of bed.

People, product, process. In that order.

I’m an outcome focused, collegiate leader with 30+ years in tech/digital and have successfully created and launched more than 35 products and services across B2C and B2B markets. I’m a digital native at heart and have experienced many challenges and patterns in how companies operate and organise themselves. 

I help people, teams, and leaders get breakthroughs with the way they get work done; that could be in how they plan, how they coordinate, how they progress and track, or how they report the work. It could also be helping to unblock structural, cultural or organisational issues with the way work gets done. And I do this all in the pursuit of helping you to improve the speed at which your business gets its value to market.

How I do this is using a mashup of product-led thinking, agile, lean and facilitation approaches. 

You’ll find me doing coaching, consulting, facilitating or teaching across these areas:‍

  • Product teams and with Product Managers on product capability and product strategy
  • Leadership teams, business teams, product teams and Boards on adopting agile and new ways of working
  • Leadership teams on strategy execution and coordination
  • Kicking off or resetting new or existing teams (team, management, executive)
  • Designing teams, areas or organisations to align with strategy (organisational structure)
  • Facilitating rhythms, routines or events focused on planning and executing work  
  • Facilitating any type of workshop or event.

I’ve had particular success with one client, APNIC, improving the way they execute their work, and creating alignment across different areas through better planning, reducing dependencies and bottlenecks and implementing clear goals and metrics to showcase improvements in the value they deliver. I often facilitate different events like team improvement workshops or ¼ or ½ yearly planning events.

The privilege of serving on Boards like CHOICE, auDA and Screenrights has honed my governance experience and I’m specifically interested in how strategy is executed, planned, coordinated, sync’d and tracked. I bring a unique agile and product lens to the Boardroom. 

"Sandra's ability to cut through the noise and make lasting, effective change to organisations, and therefore people, is unparalleled. It is always energising and inspiring working with Sandra.”  - Siena Perry, APNIC

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Sandra Davey


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