Sarah Kirkby

Organisational Development Consultant and Facilitator

Being a catalyst for change and creating the conditions for people to grow and develop for themselves is what drives me. Creating valuable business outcomes with an adaptable and optimistic approach is how I get there.

I'm passionate about brain-based learning design and creating positive workplaces so that people can feel good and function well at work whilst delivering sustainable success. I believes that positive workplaces can significantly impact people's lives and is comitted to supporting clients to create environments where individuals can thrive and achieve success. With a curious nature, Sarah approaches every situation with an optimistic attitude, displaying compassion and an eye for quality. Others describe her as a catalyst for inspiring and motivating people to take action and make things happen.

For the past 15 years I've worked with digital products and services, across industries including media, SAAS, Government, marketing and education. I've worked with B2B, B2C business models at different stages of the product development lifecycle and have experience working with startups, medium and large-scale organisations.

Throughout my career, I have developed specialised capabilities in organisational agility and change, innovation, people development, learning design and facilitation. I am energised when using the latest science in learning and psychology to design bespoke programs that spark and engage people at work.

  • Learning design and delivery
  • Leadership capability development
  • Group dynamics and performance
  • Group and team facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • People development (using strengths)
  • Wellbeing at work

With LiveTiles I developed a growth program for the team: beginning with an assessment of the product team's experience and maturity, followed by agile product training with the team to establish a baseline for how they approach product discovery and development, and finally a team reset, establishing patterns and rhythms for effective ongoing team work.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Organa. I look forward to working with these two amazing women again.”  -  Libby Graham, former Product Manager, LiveTiles

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Sarah Kirkby


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