Sarah Kirkby

Organisational Coach and Facilitator

Being a catalyst for change and creating the conditions for people to grow and develop for themselves is what drives me. Creating valuable business outcomes with an adaptable and optimistic approach is how I get there.

Meet people where they are.

For the past 15 years I've worked with digital products and services, across industries including media, SAAS (Viostream), Government (Digital Transformation Agency), marketing and education. I've worked on B2B, B2C products at different stages of the product development lifecycle and have worked with startups, medium and large-scale organisations.

I focus on all aspects of product management and business agility, from coaching business teams in the basics of an agile mindset to facilitating agile product teams to become effective and productive at delivering value to customers. 

With a background in product management I love helping individuals and teams make better product decisions, but it's my love of working with people that truly achieves the greatest results. I'm able to work with HR and business leaders to shape effective, inclusive and fulfilling work environments that are committed to delivering the most amount of value possible, whilst growing and retaining top talent. One of my particular strengths is listening and observing in order to identify anti-patterns in team behaviour and to then help teams develop growth or improvement programs. 

  • Becoming Agile
  • Organisational agility
  • Culture change
  • Team coaching

With LiveTiles I developed a growth program for the team: beginning with an assessment of the product team's experience and maturity, followed by agile product training with the team to establish a baseline for how they approach product discovery and development, and finally a team reset, establishing patterns and rhythms for effective ongoing team work.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Organa. I look forward to working with these two amazing women again.”  -  Libby Graham, former Product Manager, LiveTiles

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Sarah Kirkby


Is your team creating the right thing?

You know the story, your team has been beavering away for months on a new product release. Marketing and PR are on board, the execs are excited, the team is pumped… but low and behold it’s a flop. Customers respond negatively (or not at all).

3 conditions teams need to thrive

We all want our teams to be performing at their best and delivering value quickly and effectively. But even high performing teams can wane when the conditions aren’t right.

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