Darryl Wright

Organisational Agility Coach and Instructor

In all aspects of business agility, whether it's individuals, teams, teams of teams or entire organisations, I love assisting them to be more successful at doing what they do.

The only constant in life is change.

I come from a strong commercial and delivery background borne from two decades of experience in traditional IT project and program management and running IT businesses.  

This led me on a journey to find more successful and humane ways of working and I  discovered Agile in 2010.  Becoming an Agile Project Manager first, then a Scrum Master, onto an Agile Coach and finally an Enterprise Agile Coach, I'm a passionate champion of changing the way the world works. 

My guiding vision is to assist organisations to become great places to work that have happy effective staff who create brilliant products and services that their customers love. What I'm particularly solid with includes:

  • Enteprise Agility at scale
  • Leadership Agility Coaching
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Scaled Agile Training (SAFe)
  • Personal Agility 
  • Virtual and in-person facilitation, big room planning & classroom training

I've uplifted agility at all levels, from teams and individuals new to agile through to senior leadership teams for a number of large enterprises.

At ANZ Bank and AIA Australia, I coached and trained the implementation of Lean Portfolio Management functions which revolutionised how work flowed through their systems.

At DXC Technology (a Fortune 500 company with over 170,000 staff in 70 countries) I'm particularly proud of delivering agile training to over 3,500 people and coordinating training for 1000's more.

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Darryl Wright


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